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Jonathan Shapiro and John Cushman Earn Landmark SJC Decision Affecting Juvenile Grand Jury Proceedings

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Judicial Court required that juveniles be afforded new legal protections in grand jury proceedings.  In Commonwealth v. Walczak, the Court decided that “where the Commonwealth seeks to indict a juvenile for murder and where there is substantial evidence of mitigating circumstances or defenses (other than lack of criminal responsibility) more »

Jeffrey Wiesner Wins Jury Verdict for Restaurant Employees

Following a five-day trial in federal court in Boston, Jeffrey Wiesner, and co-counsel Myong Joun, won a jury verdict for six workers of the Chinatown Restaurant in Brockton, MA for violations of the federal overtime laws.  The workers worked routinely in excess of 66 hours in a week, sometimes 80 hours in a week, without more »
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